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Resource library – Rotary Club of Boston St Botolph

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A resource library is incredibly important because families can borrow our resources and it can help strengthen what children learn at home. Also, you can see if it is helpful before making an investment if they wish to buy it for themselves. Therefore, a resource library is very useful. The supplies in our resource library are Makaton books, numicon kits and see and learn packs. The people supplying the resource library are the Rotary Club of Boston St Botolph.
It sounded and looked like everyone had a really good time but – unfortunately – our car broke down on the other side of Boston. Within the 30 or 40 minutes we waited for the breakdown service, I videoed my question to the Rotary Club which was, ‘Why do the Rotary Club think it’s important to support local charities like ours?’
I have now had my answer from the Rotary Club and it was by John Posey (foundation officer) of the Rotary Club of Boston St Botolph.
The Rotary Club has more than 1.2 million members (that’s more than the population of Birmingham!) from all backgrounds and the Rotary Club of Boston St Botolph support projects overseas in Gambia and South Africa. They also support local projects like the guides and scouts. The Rotary’s motto is “Service before Self” and they help many different groups and people.

We are extremely thankful for the Rotary Club’s support.

For more information about the Rotary Club of Boston St. Botolph please visit their website.


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