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Lockdown 2021

By February 9, 2021 No Comments

2021 SO FAR

Me and my 2 brothers (Coen and Alex) have been doing schoolwork at home. Coen is not keen AT ALL and mostly ends up watching what he wants on TV. During lockdown, Coen has discovered he has a favourite film: Minions. We watch it ALL the time now. Coen does like the videos his school sets for him and enjoys signing along though!

Another thing I did in lockdown, and this was not long ago, was a makaton course (taught by my mum) and I did it with my dad. It was 6 sessions and it was actually really good. At the end I got a certificate and a pen!

In lockdown, my brother Alex and I are reading a lot and we have just got some new books so we are very happy about that. We have been reading much more than we did last time we had a lockdown. We have been on lots of walks as well, and to be honest, we need a lot of convincing to actually GO on the walk, but when we do we absolutely love it! One of our favourite places to go to is Mill Hill Quarry. It has actual cliffs! Me and Alex have even climbed the bottom of the cliffs!

It’s difficult writing blogs for the group when we haven’t been for over a year. We all miss everybody and we want to meet up as soon as possible. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up soon as there’s now a vaccine.

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